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We are a team of undergraduate students working to further the field of nanotechnology both at Michigan Tech and across the country. We work under an interdisciplinary team of advisors whose fields of study range from Physics to Social Sciences. Our team is comprised of students from many different academic fields.

Nanotech Team

We are involved in the Enterprise program at Michigan Tech. An Enterprise is a team of students that work as a business entity to solve problems and develop products for commercialization. In the Enterprise model, students participate in every step of the business process. Our goal is to gain real-world experience that we can apply in our professional careers.

In addition to technical projects related to nanotechnology, our team actively participates in the educational outreach programs aimed at educating pre-college students about nanotechnology, its societal implications, and how nano-scale technologies will be able to improve and enrich our lives. All proceeds that we receive will be put back into the outreach program to further the education of the community as a whole.

Dr. John Jaszczak Biography

Our advisor is Dr. John A. Jaszczak, Professor of Physics within the Department of Physics at Michigan Tech.

As well as being a full time physics professor, Dr. Jaszczak is an adjunct curator at the A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum. His research interests in nanotechnology and computational surface science overlap with his life-long interest in collecting and studying minerals, particular in the study of the occurrence and morphology of natural graphite. For over 25 years Dr. Jaszczak has been assembling a reference collection of natural graphite samples from around the world. His most recent lectures on graphite have been about "Revealing Graphite's Hidden Beauty."


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Nanotech Innovations

Nanotech Innovations
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Enterprise Program
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